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Our 2023 Agenda


Our 2023 agenda will ensure we can all afford to live in the Hudson Valley. We need HOMES, ENERGY & WAGES.

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Our current housing system is set up to enrich the few instead of providing affordable, sustainable, and accessible housing for all.

Corporate landlords are raising rents to obscene levels, evicting tenants without cause, & turning our homes into Airbnbs for tourists. Millions of families don’t have any rights to renew their lease, and are living in constant fear of eviction.


Our current energy system is unaffordable. It’s life-threatening. And it’s driving climate change.

We’re facing rising utility bills and an energy system dependent on fossil fuels. Privately owned utility companies like Central Hudson have been increasing rates and overcharging customers while continuing to rely on the fossil fuels that are destroying our environment.

We are fighting to save the future of our planet and establish real democratic ownership of our energy systems.


Rising costs of living and an insufficient minimum wage is making it harder for families to afford essentials. Billionaires are hiking prices, exploiting their workers, busting unions, and using their profits on stock buybacks and their own pet projects.

But the rest of us can change that by joining together as the working class to make them pay their fair share, strengthen unions and worker protections, and win good jobs.


We’re fighting for three key pieces of statewide legislation in 2023 that will help ensure that we can all afford to stay in our homes.

Good Cause Eviction
Build Public Renewables Act
Raise the Wage Act

Good Cause Eviction would protect 5.5 million families from unjust evictions and rent increases. It would give every tenant the right to renew their lease and challenge large rent hikes.

The Build Public Renewables Act would offer power sourced from renewable energy to working-class families that is 50% cheaper than local utilities like Central Hudson.

 Raise the Wage Act would increase the minimum wage to $21.25 by 2027. It would also index it to inflation so that in the future, it increases automatically as costs of living go up.


Add your name to the Homes, Energy & Wages petition and we’ll deliver a petition on your behalf to your state legislators.