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A roof over all of our heads

Ending evictions and homelessness. Forever.

Our current housing system is set up to enrich the few instead of providing affordable, sustainable, and accessible housing for all. Half of New York State is paying more in rent than they can afford. Millions of families don’t have any rights to renew their lease, and are living in constant fear of eviction. We believe every single human should be guaranteed a safe and healthy home, and that’s exactly what we’re fighting for.


of New Yorkers are paying over 30% of their income for housing

5.5 Million

households have no protections from eviction


New Yorkers sleep in shelters each night

Putting power back in the hands of renters and homeowners.

The movement for housing justice has never been stronger and the crisis has never been more dire. We’re fighting for bills in the Hudson Valley that will strengthen the rights of tenants and establish necessary programs to provide real stability for those who are currently homeless or at risk of homelessness. As a steering committee member of the Housing Justice for All statewide coalition, we are pushing for those bold reforms statewide.


Bills on the table.

Homes Are Not Hotels
Good Cause Eviction
Housing Access Voucher Program
Tenant Opportunity to Purchase Act

Vacation rentals (like AirBnbs and Vrbos) play a significant role in limiting our housing stock and driving up rents, home prices, and property taxes. Absentee investors are buying up huge swaths of our housing stock and turning them into vacation rentals for tourists instead of renting or selling to long-term Hudson Valley residents.


We’re fighting to pass laws locally that will tackle this issue head-on by banning vacation rentals, requiring short-term rental hosts to prove that their listing is their primary residence, and issuing hefty fines to absentee hosts and platforms for listings that violate the law. 

Good Cause Eviction would give eviction protections to 5.5 million families that don’t have any. It would provide every tenant the right to a renewal lease, and protect against predatory rent increases and unfair evictions, while also creating a more stable housing market, promoting community well-being, and rewarding landlords who follow the rules.


Good Cause Eviction will put power back in the hands of tenants across New York.

The Housing Access Voucher Program (HAVP) creates a rental assistance program for New Yorkers who are currently homeless or are at risk of homelessness, including undocumented New Yorkers and those who are not currently on public assistance.


The Housing Access Voucher Program will help end homelessness in New York State

TOPA would give tenants the right of first refusal if their landlord decides to sell their building, letting tenants buy the building together and own it as a cooperative, turn the building into publicly owned housing, or work with a nonprofit to remain a permanently affordable rental. The law would also help tenants fight for better conditions in the buildings they currently live in by reducing the incentives for landlords to keep buildings in disrepair to sell them off to the highest buyer