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Treating all people equally

Making our country work for everyone.

The political elite waste our lives and money on a broken criminal justice system at home and wars abroad. Then they try to blame hard times on Black and Brown people, because they’re afraid we all might unite to put the power back in our hands. But we are coming together across race to make America live up to its promise of freedom and justice for all.

A broken system.


of NY State arrests are of Black people, who make up 15% of the population.

10 cents

Black Americans currently have ten cents for every dollar white Americans have.

$1.3 Billion

how much counties in NY outside of NYC spend on jails

Eliminate racist institutions and systems.

Racial justice is core to transforming New York so it works for everyone. For so long, the greedy few have weaponized systems and institutions — from healthcare, housing, criminal justice, policing, our government  — to oppress and exploit Black, Brown, Indigenous, and other communities of color for power and profit. The only way we can truly achieve justice is by addressing the systemic racism our country was built on. We are working to defund, abolish, and reform mechanisms which only exist to perpetuate racism and invest deeply in the healing of communities who have faced the most harm.

We are one the 150 organizations in New York fighting to win the Justice Roadmap, a legislative agenda designed to address the harms caused by the deeply entangled criminal legal and immigration systems. We are also members of the Decarcerate the Hudson Valley Coalition which takes local actions to transform our criminal justice system, divest from the police, and reinvest in Black and Brown communities.


Bills on the table.

Fair and Timely Parole
Elder Parole
Clean Slate

Fair and Timely Parole establishes that New York’s Parole Board grants an opportunity to all parole-eligible people in prison unless they pose a clear risk in ways that cannot be mitigated by community supervision. And it challenges that thousands of New Yorkers are serving prison sentences that amount to death-by incarceration without any opportunity for release, no matter a person’s growth and change over time.


Fair and Timely Parole gives everyone a fair shot at rehabilitation

Elder Parole addresses inhumane sentences by allowing people in New York State prison aged 55 and older who have served 15 or more consecutive years to be considered for parole, regardless of their crime or sentence.


Elder Parole tackles inhumane sentences in our broken criminal justice system

Clean Slate would automatically expunge criminal records of people once eligible. It would stop New York’s current system of perpetual punishment that, even after incarceration, creates near-impossible barriers to housing and jobs, and punishes people twice for the same thing through ICE detention and deportation.


 Clean Slate ends New York’s system of perpetual punishment