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Everyone In, Nobody Out

We need a healthcare system that cares for all of us.

We need a healthcare system that’s about caring for all of us, not making greedy corporations rich. We don’t need networks, premiums, or deductibles. And we don’t need pharmaceutical companies ripping us off. It’s time for a single payer, “Medicare for All” style system that covers every one of us.

We are in a healthcare crisis.


New Yorkers lost their health insurance in 2020.


New Yorkers don’t have health insurance.


Owed by Americans in medical debt alone.

Passing the New York Health Act.

During the pandemic, millions of New Yorkers lost their income, their health insurance, or died while private healthcare corporations and big pharma got rich. The New York Health Act will provide comprehensive health care for every New Yorker and stop the greedy practices that got us here in the first place.


Bills on the table.

New York Health Act
Coverage For All

The New York Health Act will provide comprehensive health care for every New Yorker. You and your healthcare provider of choice will work to keep you healthy — and New York Health pays the bill. You will never have to fear going without coverage again — especially in the middle of a deadly pandemic.


Learn more about how we’re winning healthcare for every New Yorker.


This bill would expand the state’s Essential Plan to include all low-income New Yorkers regardless of immigration status, providing healthcare to 154,000 immigrants who are currently not eligible for insurance due to their immigration status. This bill would move us closer towards the goal of guaranteeing healthcare as a right to all New Yorkers.