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Tax the rich

An economy that works for everyone.

Our economy is rigged for billionaires and corporations.  But the rest of us can change that by joining together as the working class to make them pay their fair share, strengthen unions and worker protections, and win good jobs. By taking back the wealth we build, we can guarantee every American what they need to thrive.


jobs lost in New York in 2020


American workers lost their insurance during COVID

$1.6 trillion

the combined wealth increase of U.S. billionaires during the pandemic

Taking back our wealth.

We’re passing laws that make the greedy few pay their fair share of taxes, then using that money to invest in our communities across the state. We’re also taking back our economic system at every level — banking, local and statewide budgets, our workplaces — so that we all can share in the prosperity of our country.


Bills on the table

Raise Up NY
Invest In Our New York
Public Banking Act

This bill would restore New York’s minimum wage and ensure that minimum wage workers have the means to provide for themselves and their families by raising the minimum wage in NYC and its suburbs to $21.25 and the minimum wage upstate to $20 by 2026. Then, starting in 2027, the minimum wage would be  “indexed” it to inflation, meaning it would be adjusted it each year to keep up with rising costs of living.

After a year of COVID-era campaigning by hundreds of allied organizations, New York state lawmakers enacted a 2021 budget with $4.3 billion in new, progressive, annual revenue that taxes the rich and big corporations to invest in communities. But we’re not done yet. We are continuing to fight with the Invest In Our New York coalition to counter years of austerity and win billions more for New Yorkers.


Learn about our 2021 victories and our path forward

Through a public bank, New York can support our local economy and divest from banks that are financing destructive corporate interests, including speculative real estate, private prison and immigrant detention companies, the global arms trade, and the fossil fuel industry.


 A public bank would serve critical neighborhood needs and create shared prosperity in our state