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Good Cause Eviction

Good Cause Eviction
Housing Justice

What is Good Cause Eviction?

Good Cause Eviction will stop unjust evictions, keep our neighbors in their homes, and benefit everyone in our communities.

About the law

Good Cause Eviction protects our neighbors.
It will keep our neighbors in their homes.
It will benefit everyone, not just renters.

Good Cause Eviction stops landlords from removing tenants from apartments without an order from a judge. The judge would decide if an eviction is for a good cause, including failure to pay rent or violating terms of the lease.

Good Cause Eviction gives tenants the right to continue to live in their homes regardless of lease status, allowing them to demand safe living conditions and repairs from their landlord without fear of retaliation.

Good Cause Eviction doesn’t just protect renters from evictions, it creates a more stable housing market, promotes community well-being, and rewards landlords who follow the rules.

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