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Internship Frequently Asked Questions

When does the internship start?

  • The internship will start in January at the beginning of spring semester. Intern orientation will be in late January.

When does this internship end?

  • The internship will end in early-May, depending on your role.

Can I get academic credit for this internship?

  • Check in with your academic department/school’s career office! Most schools will offer some form of academic credit and we will work with you to secure it
  • If you attend Vassar College, you can secure credit through the Community Engaged Learning office.
  • If you attend SUNY New Paltz/Marist College, you should email your academic advisor to see if you can receive credit towards your major.

Is this internship only open to college students?

  • No! We also work with high schoolers and recent graduates.

Is this internship remote or in person?

  • There are roles available both remote and in person, depending on your preference/location.

Do you have to go to school/live in New York?

  • No! We’ve had interns from across the US and even folks working with us internationally.

What is the schedule?

  • We work with folks to do our best to find times for shifts/meeting that work with their schedules.


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