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Ava’s Intern Testimony

Ava (any pronouns), Bard ’26 – Student Organizing Intern

Hi everyone! My name is Ava Villegas and I began working with For the Many as an intern for 2023 spring semester. I was first introduced to the organization by a friend who interned with them in the fall semester when she had invited me to attend a phone banking event with the goal of contacting Kingston and Hudson Valley residents to speak with them about the Homes are Not Hotels campaign. It was an incredible time, being able to accomplish our goal of calling over 200 people and I left the event feeling hopeful and inspired. So, when applications went out for spring semester interns I quickly applied! For quite a while I have wanted to actually do something to get involved with political movements and For the Many provided me with the perfect opportunity to become involved in the community and meet new people while organizing. With this internship, I have learned that the great motivation that stems from community is one powerful enough to enact change and inspire others to find what cause they believe in.



For too long, greedy corporations, billionaires, and political elites have used their wealth and power to rig our country against us. We’re fighting to put power back in our hands.