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Building tenant power

Putting power back in the hands of renters

Rents are rising across the Hudson Valley, but living conditions aren’t improving. Tenants are dealing with structural issues, mold, pests, and unresponsive property managers while their landlords keep jacking up rents and fees. By coming together and forming tenants unions, renters can win much-needed changes from their landlords.

Our Approach

Developing Leaders

Our tenant members come from many walks of life and organize together across race, age, and language. Our tenant organizing program has developed everyday people into leaders who help our staff plan campaigns, facilitate meetings, and organize other tenants in their buildings.

Our Impact

Winning a Historic Rent Reduction

After Kingston opted into the Emergency Tenant Protection Act, we started knocking doors and turned out over a hundred tenants to the Rent Guidelines Board hearings. This incredible display of tenant power led the Rent Guidelines Board to vote for a 15% rent reduction, the first in New York state.


When tenants come together, we can fight for better condidtions and lower rent! Are you interested in forming a tenants union in your building? Let us know by filling out the form below and we’ll get in touch! 

FYI, it is illegal for your landlord to retaliate against tenants for organizing.