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Meet Kingston’s New Rent Guidelines Board

Diana Lopez-Martinez is employed by For the Many, a progressive advocacy group that was a major force behind the city’s recently adopted Good Cause Eviction Law and advocated for the ETPA housing emergency declaration. In answering a question about qualifications to be a representative, Lopez-Martinez described herself as a homeowner who has rented to two people over the past three and a half years. Lopez-Martinez application also touts her fluency in Spanish and work on behalf of the city’s Latino immigrant community.

In addition to her work with For the Many, Lopez-Martinez listed affiliations with Planned Parenthood, the Ulster Immigrant Defense Network and the Worker Justice Center.

“I want to be part of this board because I would like to represent the communities I work with,” Lopez-Martinez wrote on her application. “I also have seen the drastic changes over the years which are concerning and want to help out by giving meaningful input.”



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