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Rockland County executive denounces NYC migrant busing decision

“Vanessa Cid, community organizer with the grassroots group For the Many, said the migrant situation in New York has been misrepresented.

“These aren’t people that are coming here trying to hurt us,” she said. “They’re over here seeking asylum. They’re coming here for a better life, for us to do that. I think it’s just fueling more of the bigotry that’s already out there.”

Cid said that municipalities must respond and not turn people away, and that the focus should be on lawmakers to pass legislation that will ease the burden locally.

“Two of the priorities that our governor should take upon herself is the housing access voucher program and good cost eviction,” she said. “Because how are we going to be able to welcome anyone new when our own communities are also struggling? We need to make sure that we’re all protected.”



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