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Despite public outcry, New Paltz Village Board still wary of tenant protection law

During last week’s New Paltz Village Board meeting, several people commented on the push to enact “good-cause eviction” legislation, which would redefine not renewing a lease as an eviction and require landlords to provide lease renewals unless there is good cause not to, such as breaking laws or lease conditions by the tenant, or the landlord wishing to put up a relative in the space; landlords could also just pay people to get out.

For the Many” staff member Brahvan Ranga pointed out that the group has been successful in replacing elected officials in the past, and that such a campaign could be waged in the Village.

Ranga has repeatedly dismissed as ineffective another approach, focusing on controlling “unconscionable” rent increases alone, saying that unless it’s coupled with protection against eviction, it won’t do much good.



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