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Build Public Renewables Act

The NY Build Public Renewables Act will:

  • NYPA is enabled to own and build new renewable generation, storage, and transmission.
  • NYPA will provide 100% renewable energy directly to all state and municipal leased and owned properties and transportation by 2025. It will phase out its existing non-renewable generation as quickly as possible.
  • After meeting the state and municipal leased and owned properties and transportation, NYPA is enabled to sell 100% renewable energy directly to customers through usage of any utility’s transmission or distribution infrastructure.
    • All for-profit supply side ESCOs will be banned.
    • CCAs and community energy projects will continue to exist and are encouraged.
    • Excess renewable energy NYPA produces will be sold directly to end-use consumers who will be automatically enrolled in this program on an opt-out basis. This enrollment will prioritize low-income households first. NYPA’s generation rate will be the same as lower than their current utility’s rate.
    • NYPA is forbidden from ever shutting off a residential customer’s service for non-payment and from charging punitive late fees.
  • Coordinating with ORES, NYPA is allowed to make the first offer to build or buy any new or existing renewable energy project. If NYPA chooses to match the price, it will then own that project.
    • Goes for any new renewable energy facility, project, or any utility scale renewable energy created by a new facility or project excluding community energy projects.
  • The bill will be revenue neutral for the State and may be financed through a combination of bond issuances and progressive generation rates.
  • NYSERDA Community Energy Hubs will be formed to foster public engagement on climate and resiliency plans, renewable energy siting, utility proceedings, research, green jobs and training opportunities, etc.
  • Within 2 years of passage, NYPA must release a 10-year climate and resiliency plan outlining what renewable projects it plans to build and how it plans to comply with the CLCPA.
    • There will be annual public hearings on this plan, and all reports and data will be made public.
  • All NYPA projects will pay prevailing wage and will be subject to project labor agreements.
  • A hiring hall will be created within NYPA for hiring and re-training existing utility and fossil fuel workers for jobs in renewable energy development or maintenance.

Learn more about the Build Public Renewables Act here.

This information is provided by Public Power NY.



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