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Fair and Timely Parole

The New York State Parole Board annually denies thousands of incarcerated New Yorkers their freedom, punishing them, their families and communities for years and decades beyond their minimum sentence. 

New York’s Parole Board has broad authority to deny parole based on the nature of the offense alone, no matter how much time has passed, and despite someone’s accomplishments in prison and minimal public safety risk. New York must mandate that the Parole Board grant Fair and Timely Parole (S.1415/A.4231) to all parole-eligible people in prison unless they pose a clear risk of violating the law in ways that cannot be mitigated by community supervision. In addition, thousands of New Yorkers are serving prison sentences that amount to death-by incarceration without any opportunity for release, no matter a person’s growth and change over time.

Learn more about Fair and Timely Parole here.

This information is provided by the Justice Roadmap.



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