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March 2023 Newsletter

Before we share our March Newsletter, here’s a quick story about why we organize: 

After Kingston opted into rent control, we started organizing with tenants to win a 15% rent reduction. After hearing that the property managers in Kingston’s largest apartment complex, Stony Run, were neglecting maintenance requests while continuing to raise rents, we supported tenants in forming the Stony Run Tenants Union to fight for better conditions. 

We won the first rent reduction in the country thanks to united tenant power. But then the landlords who own Stony Run made a backroom deal with the Kingston Common Council to convert the complex into “workforce housing” that prioritized tax breaks for landlords over affordability for residents. The councilmember who represents Stony Run sided with the landlords rather than the dozens of tenants who showed up to testify against the deal. 

So Charlotte Lloyd, a lifelong Ulster County resident and member of the Tenants Union, decided to run for Common Council to fight for her home and the homes of her neighbors. We announced our endorsement of Charlotte this morning, and we’re so excited to support her as she builds a movement with her neighbors. 

THIS is why we organize – to bring everyday people together to win transformative change. Keep reading for more exciting updates on our campaigns and ways you can join the fight!


The State Legislature is currently in negotiations to finalize the state budget. We’re days away from potentially winning a transformative climate bill, one of the strongest minimum wage laws in the country, and landmark eviction protections we’ve been working towards for years. But fossil fuel lobbyists, corporate donors, real estate developers are working to undermine our movement. 

We have a serious chance of winning these bills and more, but we need to show up and show Governor Hochul, Senate Majority Leader Cousins, and Speaker Heastie that New Yorkers demand action for homes, energy, and wages! 

NEXT WEEK: Join us in Albany to fight for Raise the Wage, Tax the Rich, the Unemployment Bridge Program, and Climate Justice! 

Monday, March 27: Raise the Wage/Tax the Rich/Unemployment Bridge Program Day of Action 

Tuesday, March 28: Climate Justice Day of Action with NY Renews

As always, we’ll provide transportation from the Hudson Valley and lunch! 


Want to join our movement? Every month we host community meetings in Newburgh, Middletown, Poughkeepsie, and Kingston, and a virtual welcome meeting, political updates call, and political education session. Sign up for your local community meeting or a virtual event here! 

We’re knocking doors all spring to talk to folks about our Homes, Energy & Wages agenda. These are pretty easy conversations – turns out most people want affordable homes, lower utility bills, and a higher minimum wage!

Party For the Many

Mark your calendars: Our Poughkeepsie office Grand Opening party is Saturday, April 15 from 12-3pm! Join us for food, drinks, and community! Childcare is provided. 

You’ll hear more from us soon.  As always, we’re grateful that you’re in this fight with us. 

In solidarity, 

For the Many



For too long, greedy corporations, billionaires, and political elites have used their wealth and power to rig our country against us. We’re fighting to put power back in our hands.