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Charlotte Lloyd

Charlotte Lloyd is an Adams’ grocery store cashier, DoorDash driver, and member of the Stony Run Tenants Union. She’s running for Kingston Common Council to fight for her home and the homes of her neighbors.

Charlotte was born in raised in Ulster County, and graduated from Kingston High School. Two years ago, she started renting at Stony Run Apartments, Kingston’s largest apartment complex. She and her neighbors received blackmail letters in the mail, informing them that their rents were going up and threatening them with even higher increases if they didn’t sign their leases. Her rent went up 10%, and even while working three jobs, She’s still paying 60% of her income towards rent.

Charlotte knows that we can win transformative change when we bring everyday people together. That’s why she joined the Stony Run Tenants Union and organized with her neighbors to win the first rent reduction in the country!

Charlotte believes that we all deserve to live in a community where families can play outside, seniors can enjoy their retirement, and no one has to stress about how they’re going to make rent. We all deserve a roof over our heads, a floor under our feet, and somewhere to call home. And we all deserve to afford living in Kingston.



For too long, greedy corporations, billionaires, and political elites have used their wealth and power to rig our country against us. We’re fighting to put power back in our hands.