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Poughkeepsie council backs NY state effort to keep ICE agents away from courts

The Common Council here has gone on record as supporting the Protect Our Courts Act that’s under consideration in the state Legislature.

The act would require Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents to obtain a warrant from a federal judge before attempting to arrest an undocumented immigrant either inside or on the way to or from a court.

The Poughkeepsie council voted 8-0 Monday to adopted a resolution of support for Protect Our Courts Act after Jonathan Bix, executive director of the group Nobody Leaves Mid-Hudson, told lawmakers that immigrants have good reason to be scared in and around courts.“People’s fear of showing up to court is something that hurts the courts themselves, which is why many prosecutors have come out in support of this act,” Bix said. “It hurts all of us, and [the state proposal] is something we’ll all benefit from.”



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