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New Paltz government officials consider local municipal ID card

Members of the public came out to support the concept of a local municipal ID card, the creation of which would likely fall to the town clerk and her staff members if it were to happen in New Paltz. Town and village board members had a number of questions about state record-keeping requirements, cost of equipment and other issues which must be clarified before any decision could be made.

Jonathan Bix, executive director of Nobody Leaves Mid-Hudson, told local officials gathered for their monthly joint meeting on April 4 that a local ID could bring benefits to any resident who obtains one, but would be particularly helpful for those belonging to marginalized groups. While the group most often considered are illegal aliens, Bix listed senior citizens, domestic violence victims, transgender individuals and homeless people among those who could benefit from a local ID. That’s because the criteria for obtaining one and what’s displayed would be set up by local officials. A homeless person might be able to use the address of a local shelter, for example, while another person might not be mis-gendered as may be required with a state ID. Business owners might support the ID by offering discounts or accepting it as valid, while elected officials could require its acceptance in government offices.



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