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Beacon Launches Photo IDs

While the federal government has cracked down on undocumented immigration, activist organizations suggest municipal ID programs increase public safety because they say immigrants and non-English speakers are more likely to report crimes and interact with police if they have valid identification. The cards also reinforce a sense of community, activist groups argue.

After proclaiming itself a “safe and welcoming” community in 2017, Beacon has become a leader in the region in advancing immigration-friendly initiatives, said Jonathan Bix, the executive director of Nobody Leaves Mid-Hudson. “Beacon has done a great job with its municipal ID and Community Choice Aggregation [energy] programs, as well as resolutions in support of driver’s license access for undocumented immigrants, limiting ICE’s [U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement] ability to detain people in and near courts, and rent stabilization and control.



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