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Stony Run workforce housing deal reached

“KINGSTON, N.Y.— Mayor Steve Noble has reached a 40-year deal with the Stony Run apartment complex owner Aker Co. that would convert the Stony Run apartment complex into workforce housing, responding to many of the concerns tenants had when the agreement was first announced.

“The voices of the Tenants Union, other Kingston residents, the Mayor and the Common Council have gone into this agreement to convert Stony Run to workforce affordable housing. Through our many burning struggles, we, the Tenants Union here at Stony Run, are extremely happy about the time and consideration that was committed to including some of our provisions to be written into the regulatory agreement,” the Stony Run Tenants Union said in a statement, “Tenant organizing has made this conversion so much better. It is our hope that it is replicated in other housing units that face similar problems and we encourage tenants to organize. We feel this is a win for Stony Run and we are very thankful to Mayor Noble for negotiating on our behalf.”

“This process has proven that tenant organizing works,” advocacy group For the Many said in a statement.”



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