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Stony Run tenants group says working housing plan is illegal

KINGSTON, N.Y.— The Stony Run Tenants Union said in a new statement on Tuesday that it will oppose the proposed regulatory agreement between Mayor Steven Noble and Aker Co. on the grounds that it is illegal, violating the Emergency Tenant Protections Act and circumventing the authority of the Kingston Rent Guidelines Board.

The statement specifies that the union, after reviewing the agreement with legal counsel Monday night, was informed that the 120% area median income limit for future tenants included in the agreement, violated the ETPA and that future rents could be as high as $2,800 for a three-bedroom apartment.

The union said that under the ETPA, only the Kingston Rent Guidelines Board has the right to set new rent increases within city limits and that under the agreement, property owners would be able to increase rents for vacant apartments in the absence of the board.

The statement also said that Aker would receive tax breaks from the agreement and that owners have stonewalled them about tenant representation on a non-profit board overseeing the administration of the complex.



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