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Stony Run deal passes, not everyone is celebrating

Kingston mayor Steve Noble’s behind-the-scenes deal with Aker Companies, owner of the 267-unit Stony Run — the largest rent-stabilized property in Kingston — finally got the green light on Wednesday, March 22. A special meeting was convened specifically for the second go-round of the resolution.

The Stony Run tenants union and housing advocates For the Many were dismayed by the outcome,

After the meeting, activist group For the Many announced their endorsement of 25-year-old Charlotte Lloyd, a Stony Run tenant and member of the tenants’ union to primary Barbara Hill in June.

“I’ve spent many days and nights worrying about how long my partner and I have before we have nowhere to live,” said Lloyd.

“I’m running because we all deserve to live in a community where families can play outside, seniors can enjoy their retirement, and no one has to stress about how they’re going to make rent. We all deserve a roof over our heads, a floor under our feet, and somewhere to call home. And we all deserve to afford living in Kingston.”



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