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Kingston, New Paltz push to pass ‘good cause’ eviction laws before moratorium ends

“The looming end of the eviction moratorium is something that advocates, housing attorneys, and tenants across the state are very weary of,” said Brahvan Ranga, political coordinator for advocacy group and local nonprofit For The Many. “It’s something that’s been used to really push these local elected officials to pass the law.”

The City of Kingston scheduled a special session of the council for Thursday to consider passing “good cause” eviction legislation. If passed, Kingston Mayor Steve Noble, who introduced and supports the legislation, will have to set a public hearing and sign the legislation within 10 days.

“We’ll be urging tenants to be aware of their rights and not self-evict after the moratorium expires but before the mayor has signed the legislation into law,” wrote Executive Director of For The Many, Jonathan Bix, in an email.



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