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Progressive group wants Kingston panel to require rent reductions

For the Many has urged tenants to show up at a Tuesday, Oct. 25, hearing sponsored by the newly-created Kingston Rent Guidelines Board.

Aaron Narraph Fernando, a For the Many spokesman, said the group is hoping tenants show up at the City Hall hearing, which begins at 6 p.m.
“From passing a local “Good Cause” law to declaring a housing emergency, the Kingston Common Council and Mayor Steve Noble have consistently taken steps this year to protect Kingston’s tenants from rising rents and evictions,” Fernando said in a statement. “Now the city’s new Rent Guidelines Board has the opportunity to continue that work. We’re asking its members to adopt a historic rent reduction, the first of its kind in the state.”

Fernando said such a reduction would “help the residents of nearly 1,300 newly-rent stabilized units afford to live in Kingston and stay in their homes.”



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