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Poughkeepsie’s ‘good-cause’ eviction law struck down in court

POUGHKEEPSIE — A judge has blocked the city’s “good-cause” eviction law, which provides protections for tenants against certain evictions and limits large rent hikes without a “justifiable” reason.

“These laws were passed for a good reason — the Hudson Valley is in a housing crisis,” said Brahvan Ranga, political director of the tenant advocacy group For the Many, in a statement. “Rents are skyrocketing and the threat of eviction looms over more and more tenants.”

Among detractors of the “good-cause” eviction law are realtors, developers and landlords, who claim the bill hurts small property owners, makes it harder to evict bad tenants and infringes on their property rights.

Following the recent overturning of similar laws across the state, advocacy groups like For the Many are now pushing for statewide tenant protections to be included in the next New York state budget, due April 1.



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