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Long-term housing stock shrinking in Ulster partially because of short-term rentals, report finds

Gallagher released her report in the midst of a campaign by For the Many, a group that supports progressive causes and political candidates, to push municipalities such as Kingston to outright ban non-owner occupied short-term rentals.

Deputy County Executive Marc Rider, who is in charge of housing matters for the county, said the short-term rental matter is a priority. Rider has said he would be a candidate for Ulster County Executive if the current leader, Pat Ryan, wins a seat in the U.S. Congress.

“I believe that short term rental regulations should be left to each village, town, and city,” Rider said in an email. “While a town like Shandaken or Woodstock may see the benefits of tourism that short-term rentals bring and may only decide to cap rentals and regulate around the edges, a city like Kingston or village such as Ellenville may need more drastic action in order to protect housing affordability and take care of those that are unhoused within their communities.”



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