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Kingston rent guidelines board votes for price cut

Under the ETPA, the annual allowable rental increases for the protected properties are determined by the Board with assistance from the State Division of Housing and Community Renewal. The Board is to meet annually to set new guidelines for rent adjustments.

Tenants can file complaints, request rent history, or challenge rental increases on the state’s Homes and Community Renewal website. Landlords can also use the site to file annual rent registration forms or apply for rent restoration, rent increase, or modification of services.

“This is a monumental victory not just for Kingston tenants, but for tenants across New York,” said Aaron Narraph Fernando, Communications Lead at For the Many, in a press release. The group said this reduction “comes after months of organizing by tenants, For the Many, and other grassroots groups, including Citizen Action, Mid-Hudson Valley DSA, and Housing Justice for All.”



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