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Kingston rent control panel to appeal to reinstate 15% rent reduction plan

KINGSTON, N.Y.— The Rent Guidelines Board moved on Wednesday to have the New York State Attorney General’s office represent them in an appeal of a court ruling against the city’s 15% rent reduction plan.

“Based on inaccurate understandings of the facts and the law, the court vacated the lawful and appropriate actions of this board,” said Rent Guidelines Board Chair Noah Kippley-Ogman. “To ensure that this board can operate within its legal authority and fulfill its statutory responsibilities, the court’s decision must be appealed.”

The Hudson Valley Property Owners Association and For The Many have filed notices of appeals to the decision. The Rent Guidelines Board now joins them after Heather Rubenstein, of the New York State Attorney General’s Office, filed a notice of appeal in the case on Thursday.

“We’re grateful for the Rent Guidelines Board’s unanimous vote to appeal. As fellow respondents in this case, we’re confident that the appellate court will rule in both our and the Board’s favor by reinstating the 15% rent reduction,” For The Many said in an email.



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