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Kingston Passes Good Cause Eviction Legislation

KINGSTON – On Thursday, January 13th, the City of Kingston Common Council held a special session to vote to pass Good Cause Eviction legislation, at the urging of community members, tenants, and the grassroots organization For the Many. The Council passed the legislation unanimously, with Aldermen Barbara Hill, Carl Frankel, Reynolds Scott-Childress, Rita Worthington, Naimah Muhammad, Tony Davis, Michael Olivieri, Steven Schabot, and Michele Hirsch all voting in favor.

Advocates and local elected officials stress that these new protections were urgently needed as the statewide eviction moratorium expires on January 15th. In preparation for that date, they are encouraging tenants to know their rights, utilize legal services, avoid self-evicting, and stay in their homes without a legal court order forcing them to vacate.

“Tonight, the Common Council took the steps needed to protect Kingston residents from the looming threat of the end of the eviction moratorium,” said Brahvan Ranga, Political Coordinator at For the Many. “These protections offer tenants the tools necessary to protect their right to housing. We urge tenants to stay in their homes unless legally evicted, and utilize these protections in their dealings with landlords”.



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