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Groups Urge Council to Put Mayor’s Stony Run Plan on Ice

KINGSTON – The tenants union at one of the city’s largest apartment complexes and a progressive advocacy group are calling on city lawmakers to put the brakes on a proposal to lock in affordable rents at the Stony Run apartments.

Members of the Stony Run Tenants Union and For the Many say there’s too much uncertainty around the deal between the city and complex owners Aker Companies and they need more time to review the proposal, which was drawn up without the tenants union’s input.

In a statement issued Tuesday, For the Many and the tenants union called the agreement a “backroom deal” and demanded more time to undertake a legal review of the proposal. Among the unanswered questions, the groups said, was whether future tenants would enjoy ETPA protections and what the deal could mean for the future of rent regulation citywide. The statement also said that the agreement should give tenants access to the complex’s financial and maintenance records and representation on the board of the housing trust.



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