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Good Cause Eviction

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the deep flaws in New York’s housing system that have exacerbated existing crises in our state. Even before the pandemic, there were 92,000 New Yorkers experiencing homelessness.15 Today, 1.3 million households in our state are behind on their rent and could face eviction on May 1st.16 These households collectively owe $2.2 billion in rental debt.17 The crisis of rental debt could have cascading and lasting effects on our state and leave millions of people homeless or at risk of eviction.

According to The Cost Of Eviction calculator, created by the Innovation for Justice Program at the University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law, evictions cost New York State upwards of $1.6 billion annually.18 Good Cause eviction is a straightforward, revenue-neutral proposal that could keep millions of people housed as the pandemic-era eviction protections lift.

Good Cause Eviction (Salazar/Hunter)

  • Gives a Right to Renew Tenancy for all renters, regardless of immigration status, with limits to rent increases based on consumer price index. Provides every New Yorker with stability in their home and allows tenants to live protected from dramatic rent increases due to speculation or harassment.
  • Provides the right to renew your lease, free from the fear of a rent increase to millions of unregulated renters across New York State. Every tenant in New York will enjoy good cause eviction protections.
  • Prohibits eviction absent a showing of “good cause” or intention of owner occupancy.
  • Gives every renter the right to renew their lease, absent an order from a judge showing “good cause.”

Learn more about Good Cause Eviction here.

This information is provided by the Compassionate New York Agenda.



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