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Your donation helps build a grassroots movement of everyday people to transform New York so it works for all of us. Check out our Spring 2022 Impact Report to see what donations like yours make possible. 

Making the calls and effectively moving people.

Deep canvassing was first developed during the marriage equality referendum in California. Organizers wanted to find a way to get people to change their minds about gay marriage. Reading from a script wasn’t cutting it, so they developed a new model to effectively move people. And this one did. Since then, deep canvassing has been used by other issue and political campaigns.


Deep Canvassing Calls Made

Deep canvassing works.

We’ve been putting this method to use in our work, with over 1,000 volunteers since January spending time talking to people across the Hudson Valley about the issues we’re facing and what it will take to solve them. So far, we’ve gotten 75% of the people we’ve spoken to to support our fights for healthcare and housing for all, leading to hundreds of calls to legislators and volunteer sign ups.


More Effective


Making an Impact

Our electoral work

Without you, we wouldn’t be able to put power back in the hands of everyday New Yorkers. Our work is transforming our state’s politics.  Since 2012, we’ve won elections that have made life better for millions of us and expanded progressive majorities at every level of state government. Now, we’re one of the fastest-growing organizations in the state, and we’re not stopping anytime soon.





Calls Made


Texts Sent

How we’re funding the fight.

Our fundraising model is unlike any other organization’s. By harnessing the grassroots energy of volunteers around the country, we have built a sustainable movement of small dollar donors who are able to power our work forward for years to come.






Community Organizer

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Rosemary DaCruz (they/them)

Community Organizer

Rosemary joined the staff team in August 2021. Growing up, they watched their mother struggle everyday to make ends meet in the face of stagnant wages and housing instability. Realizing that their story was not unique, they were driven to fight for social change to make a better world alongside millions of people fighting against the same inequalities. As a first-generation graduate from Marist College, they fell in love with the Hudson Valley through several years of working in local politics and student engagement. They’re inspired everyday by an ever-growing collection of stories from community conversations and a passion to bring us together to create a better world. When they’re not working, they can be found exploring New York with their fiancée Lillyanna or petting stray cats.

Political Coordinator

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Daniel Atonna (he/him)

Political Coordinator

Dan is our Political Coordinator. In this role, he acts as For the Many's liaison with our allies in office and in other organizations. He also fills in when needed as an emcee, press contact, and comic relief.

Dan grew up the son of a working class single mom who immigrated from the Philippines. He got a job at 15 years old to help her pay the bills. At points in his life he's struggled with lack of healthcare, homelessness, and the crushing cost of college. He was inspired to join the fight for systematic change when he heard about the Bernie 2016 campaign.

Dan is driven by a determination to make sure that future families don't have to suffer the way his family did. As Political Coordinator, he helps push forward transformative bills that will improve the lives of millions of people.When he's not politically coordinating (to the extreme!) he is watching The Simpsons while reading the news.

Digital Lead

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Ash Holder (she/her)

Digital Lead

Ash manages For the Many's digital presence, including social media, email, ads, and graphic design. Her political development was highly influenced by witnessing the racial justice movements in St. Louis after the murder of Michael Brown, and she decided to ditch her architecture degree and use her creative skills to support grassroots community organizations. Ash joined our team in 2022 after several years at New Virginia Majority, where she worked on digital campaigns for immigration & housing justice, voting rights, and COVID relief.

In addition to the many issues she works on at For the Many, Ash is passionate about communal living, collective ownership, and transportation/mobility justice. You'll most likely find her working in the garden at her group house in Kingston, drinking seltzer by the river, and exploring the region by bike.

The impact of everyday people

Improving the lives of our neighbors

Without you, we wouldn’t be able to win concrete changes in people’s lives, like stopping a fracked gas power plant from being built and winning vital housing protections for thousands of Hudson Valley renters. Now more than ever, we must come together to take care of each other and struggle for a better world. Your gift fuels the outreach, voter engagement, and leadership development we need to grow the movement for social and economic justice from the ground up.

Housing Justice for All

Good Cause Eviction

Because we passed Good Cause Eviction legislation in Poughkeepsie, Newburgh, Beacon, and Kingston, thousands of renters will now be protected from absurd rent hikes, unfair evictions, and retaliation for demanding safer living conditions. Those victories also  sent a clear message to lawmakers in Albany that Good Cause is popular in the Hudson Valley – causing two legislators to flip in support of the bill.