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2022 Elections

For the Many Endorses Sarahana Shrestha for Assembly District 103

A Hudson Valley For The Many

Sarahana Shrestha is a Nepali-American community organizer and a lifelong advocate for working families running to represent District 103 in the New York State Assembly. She’s fighting to change the culture of Albany and build a future the Hudson Valley deserves.

We need new energy in Albany

It’s clear that the status quo in Albany is not working for families across New York. Nowhere is this more evident than the Hudson Valley, where rents are skyrocketing, healthcare and access to basic services are out of reach, and there’s no adequate response to the climate catastrophes our communities are facing.

We have a Democratic supermajority in the state legislature — a once in a lifetime opportunity. Our path to progress is right in front of us, so what’s standing in our way?

It’s the status quo in Albany — the one that chooses corporations and their wealthy friends over our families — and our representatives in office who choose to uphold it.

This moment demands political courage. We are not going to let this opportunity just pass us by.

She has the political courage

As a community organizer, she’s empowered her neighbors in the fight for universal healthcare and bold climate action. We’ve worked closely with her as leaders in the statewide Public Power Coalition, fighting to ensure a green transition that strengthens democracy and empowers communities instead of enriching private developers. We’ve seen Sarahana’s passion and dedication to our movement firsthand. You can get to know her here.

What Sarahana's fighting for:

New York Health Act
Public Power
Good Cause Eviction

We need a healthcare system that’s about caring for all of us, not making greedy corporations rich. We don’t need networks, premiums, or deductibles. And we don’t need pharmaceutical companies ripping us off. Sarahana is fighting for a single payer, “Medicare for All” style system that covers every one of us.


Learn more about our fight to win healthcare for the many.

Our current energy system is unaffordable. It’s life-threatening. And it’s driving climate change. Private utility companies continue to use fossil fuels instead of clean energy to maximize their short-term profits. Sarahana is fighting to save the future of our planet by getting us to 100% renewable energy and establishing real democratic ownership of our energy systems.


Learn more about our fight to win climate for the many.

 Our current housing system is set up to enrich the few instead of providing affordable, sustainable, and accessible housing for all. Half of New York State is paying more in rent than they can afford. Millions of families don’t have any rights to renew their lease, and are living in constant fear of eviction. We believe every single human should be guaranteed a safe and healthy home, and that’s exactly what Sarahana is fighting for.


Learn more about our fight to win housing for the many.

Sarahana has a bold vision.

She’s fighting for a New York that puts us first, not billionaires and greedy corporations. She will be the bold leader we need to create a healthcare system that cares for every one of us, guarantee affordable homes for all, and get us to 100% renewable energy to protect our future. Together, we will put the power back in our hands. 

Will you be a part of this?