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A safe, livable planet for all

Transforming our energy, saving our climate

Our current energy system is unaffordable. It’s life-threatening. And it’s driving climate change. Private utility companies continue to use fossil fuels instead of clean energy to maximize their short-term profits. We are fighting to save the future of our planet and establish real democratic ownership of our energy systems.

We’re at the point of no return.

$1.5 Billion

How much New Yorkers are behind on their utility bills

Over 1M

families are threatened with having their electricity shut-off each month


backup planets

Power back in our hands.

We are fighting for laws at the statewide level to transform our energy system. This includes putting ownership in our hands and transitioning to 100% renewable energy at the rate needed to stop climate change and protect the health of our communities.


Bills on the table.

The Environmental Bond Act
Build Public Renewables Act
Climate and Community Investment Act
Utility Democracy Act

Proposition 1 (The Environmental Bond Act) would authorize $4.2 billion to fund critical environmental restoration projects throughout New York state. These projects would clean up our environment, make our communities more resilient to climate change, and create thousands of good-paying green jobs.


The Build Public Renewables Act would create a public option for renewable energy. And it would direct the New York Power Authority (NYPA) to provide 100% renewable energy directly to all state and municipal leased and owned properties and transportation by 2025.


Build Public Renewables Act will set the stage for a renewable energy transformation in NY.

The Climate and Community Investment Act (CCIA) raises $15 billion per year from corporate polluters and uses it to create good, green jobs, invest in frontline communities, and build a renewable economy for New York State.


 The CCIA will establish NY as a climate leader in America.

The Utility Democracy Act will establish the public as the owners of our energy and utilities, not greedy shareholders. The bill will transition New York to 100% renewable energy by 2040 by setting a timeline for scaling down all gas infrastructure while equally setting a timeline for scaling up renewable infrastructure to meet this new demand.


The Utility Democracy Act puts our energy back in our hands.

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