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This year, we’re reaching big milestones fast. Our organizing work is hitting record numbers and we’ve almost doubled the size of our staff.

Making the calls and effectively moving people.

Deep canvassing was first developed during the marriage equality referendum in California. Organizers wanted to find a way to get people to change their minds about gay marriage. Reading from a script wasn’t cutting it, so they developed a new model to effectively move people. And this one did. Since then, deep canvassing has been used by other issue and political campaigns.


Deep Canvassing Calls Made

Deep canvassing works.

We’ve been putting this method to use in our work, with over 1,000 volunteers since January spending time talking to people across the Hudson Valley about the issues we’re facing and what it will take to solve them. So far, we’ve gotten 75% of the people we’ve spoken to to support our fights for healthcare and housing for all, leading to hundreds of calls to legislators and volunteer sign ups.


More Effective

We endorsed 8 candidates in local 2021 primary elections.

These endorsements were crucial. These seats have the potential to impact powerful decisions about our daily lives and the future of our communities. And big developers, corporations, and special interests know that. For years, we’ve seen them use their money and power in local elections so they can use our communities to turn a quick profit.


won their primary elections


Political Director

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Brahvan Ranga (he/him)

Political Director

Brahvan is our Political Director. In this role, he works with our partner organizations to help lead our legislative campaigns, develops relationships with elected leaders and their staffs, and works with candidates and volunteers in order to elect progressive champions to office. Brahvan’s passion for organizing stems from his immigrant parents and the values instilled in him by their story: a deep sense of gratitude for the sacrifices made by countless others to afford us this moment, and an understanding that each of us, regardless of where we come from or what we look like, are part of an deeply interconnected community. He believes that when people come together, rooted in these common values, we can transform established systems and build a better world. When he’s not fighting to do just that, Brahvan can be found with friends and family, reading, or spending time outdoors.

Organizing Strategist

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June Nemon (they/them)

Organizing Strategist

June Nemon is the Organizing Strategist at For the Many. They hail from Asheville, NC; which, due to an explosion of tourism and collusion between city hall and corporate developers, became one of the most gentrified and over-policed cities in the US over the course of June’s adolescence.

After 5 years of working in local politics to slow some of the worst excesses of the tourism economy, they went on to work on a couple of Congressional races and as the Des Moines Regional Field Director for Bernie Sanders during the 2020 Democratic primary. June is driven by the countless heart-wrenching conversations they’ve had over the course of years of canvassing and phonebanking about the systemic injustices millions of Americans face every single day — and they believe that the only way out is by building an organized multiracial working class.

They now live in Poughkeepsie, and when they’re not working they can be found getting into passionate debates with their cat about meal sizes, religiously listening to history podcasts, and cooking the same 3 meals with rotating sets of vegetables.



Making an Impact

Our electoral work

Elected Democratic State Senator Michelle Hinchey in a rural seat held by Republicans for 6 years and was only one of five districts to flip statewide. Senator Hinchey is a co-sponsor of the New York Health Act which would guarantee healthcare to all New Yorkers, including undocumented immigrants!




Calls Made


Texts Sent

How we’re funding the fight.

Our fundraising model is unlike any other organization’s. By harnessing the grassroots energy of volunteers around the country, we have built a sustainable movement of small dollar donors who are able to power our work forward for years to come.






of 2021 budget raised
The impact of everyday people

Improving the lives of our neighbors

By working to elect Senator Michelle Hinchey, we secured a supermajority in the State legislature which allows the Senate and Assembly to override the governor’s veto and pass bills that improve the lives of regular New Yorkers.

Excluded Workers Fund

Securing a $2.1 Billion fund

We fought alongside more than 200 member groups and countless advocates, organizers, political leaders, and workers to secure a $2.1 billion fund which will provide eligible workers with relief payments retroactive to the beginning of the pandemic. This is an incredible win that will offer vital support to hundreds of thousands of workers across the state of New York, and thousands across the Hudson Valley who have been left to fend for themselves during the pandemic. 

Our work in action

Criminal Justice Reform

Criminal Justice Reform

New York State recently passed two historic bills aimed at reforming our broken criminal justice system. We will finally limit the use of solitary confinement to a maximum of 15 days while also establishing guidelines for humane conditions and recognize segregated confinement for more than 15 days as the torture that it is. The State also passed the legalization of marijuana, along with expunging all marijuana-related convictions. The racist enforcement of marijuana laws cannot be understated — in 2020, 94% of marijuana-related arrests in New York were people of color.

Our work in action